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How to Affair Proof Your Marriage


How can I “affair-proof” my marriage?

The way to “affair-proof” your marriage is to make your marriage strong. It’s about trust, it’s about open communication, it’s about intimacy and about sharing with each other who you are.

Take time to spend time together. Make love deposits into the bank account of your marriage. Look at what is positive, tell each other everyday what you are grateful for. That not only makes your partner feel good, but makes you feel good, too.

Find some common things that you can do together. Integrate your lives more so that you are an integral and integrated part of your social life, not only your married life. Come home every night. When it comes to traveling, bring your partner with you as much as you possibly can. Build your relationship. It’s going to give you such a strong foundation and it’s just going to make your love grow.

When there’s love at home that is strong, who needs more outside?

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