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 The way you talk, listen, look, hug, make love, move and react all speak volumes about the state of your emotions and what your body really wants to say.     What silent signals are you sending?
Often it’s the things you don’t say that speak louder than what you do say. Most communication that we send more »

This year, instead of a house filled with delight and stockings full of gifts, home for the holidays is taking on a new meaning. Your relationship has been given its walking papers, and suddenly, all you want for the holidays is a shelter from the storm and a soft place to curl up and retreat.
It more »


Recovering from an Internet addiction is just like recovering from any other addiction. In addition to committing to Internet “rehab”, you’ll need to address the underlying problems that led to your becoming susceptible to it in the first place, such as boredom, anxiety and depression… more »

When does being constantly connected and forming cyber relationships cross the line between one of life’s little pleasures into a full-blown and dangerous cyber- addiction? Take this quiz to find out…more »

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HAPPY COUPLES OFTEN HAVE A SECRET CODE for expressing their affection and saying “I love you.” “I value you.” “YOU are important to me.”

It can a gentle touch when walking by, a wink and a certain smile,  a pet name you’ve created for  each other,  holding hands and squeezing three more »

Remember a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off your partner?
One look, one touch, and you’d spend all day glowing in what felt like an all-consuming passion. You seemed to have endless energy and time for romance and lovemaking.
But, now that you’ve been together a while, things have changed.
Your days are now filled more »

How to Confront Your Cheating Partner:  4 Things You Need to Know and Do

The signs are there.  You suspect your partner is cheating and having a cyber, emotional or physical affair.  You might be feeling betrayed, hurt and unsure how to proceed.  Your natural impulse is to immediately confront your partner and let them more »

You just got dumped, or maybe you broke up with someone. You just want to curl up and retreat from the world.
It doesn’t matter if it was a long-term relationship, a short-lived cyber affair, an unrequited love or a good friends-with-benefits arrangement. If you cared and connected, you feel a deep and painful void where more »

Dr. Sheri joins talk-show host Ricki Lake to talk with a couple experiencing issues with the husband’s use of Facebook. Is it merely innocent chatting, or has his flirting crossed the line? Dr. Sheri recommends applying the rule of 3 S’s to discover the truth in this situation. (read more)

These days, conveniences like email, texting and social media have made it easier than ever to connect with others. But for people who are married or are in committed relationships, it also means innocent communication can slip into flirting or emotional cheating.– a betrayal even if there’s no physical contact involved. So where is the line between harmless chatting and harmful cheating? Galtime’s Malia Karlinsky asks Sheri Meyers Psy.D, for the answers. (read more)

Your partner is texting a “friend” at all hours of the day and night…

Your wife is staying out later and later after working out at the gym, claiming she’s going out with friends afterward for a quick bite.

Your husband occasionally has lunch with an attractive coworker whom he dated before he met you…

In which of these scenarios should you be worried that your partner is cheating, and which are just examples of innocent chatting? Recently, I appeared as a guest on the CBS talk show, “The Couch.” Together we played a fun little game called “Chatting or Cheating?”

Would YOU be able to tell if your partner was cheating? (watch clip/ take the test)

You’ve got followers, friends, and even strangers liking what you did today. With every new notification, you get a little shot of dopamine (that’s the feel-good chemical that fires off in pleasure-seeking situations, as in jumping off a plane or, well, doing drugs). So, you want to keep pressing refresh to get another dose.. “Social media—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—can create a false sense of connection with people,” says Sheri Meyers, PsyD,“And, it’s immediate and 24/7, so there isn’t as much of a need to reach out to those that are close to us.” (read more)

You’re in the middle of another argument with your partner. They’re driving you crazy. Can’t they see that you’re obviously right, and they’re so totally wrong? Their sense of logic confounds you. You can hardly believe that they aren’t budging from their stance. Why don’t they see that your way makes total sense, and their way is just, well… stupid? (read more)

You handle work, family and finances with finesse. You’re an alpha woman and proud of it — but when it comes to hopping into the driver’s seat in the bedroom, maybe you’re a little rusty. When it comes to sex, sometimes the little things like initiating, saying exactly what you want and planning a sexy (not cheesy) romantic night can be daunting. Dr. Sheri and other experts share some fun and mind-blowing sexy secrets with Jaime Beckman on She Knows.com on how to step up, speak up and get the sex you’ve always wanted. (read more)

Facebook Contributes To Surprising Number Of Break-Ups.
Over one third of divorce filings in 2011 contained the word “Facebook,” according to a recent report from Divorce Online.
Divorce or breaking up is never fun, but it’s become even more heartbreaking and nasty now that there’s easily accessible evidence—and ongoing communication—via the Internet. Still, you can navigate it successfully no matter what kind of relationship you’re in, says Sheri Meyers, PsyD, an intimacy expert and author of Chatting or Cheating: How To Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love and Affair-Proof Your Relationship. Here, she offers a few tips for managing modern day love (and avoiding modern day war). (Read more)

Recently, I appeared on the “Steve Harvey” show, where I offered advice to a married couple that was dealing with the aftermath of the husband’s affair.

The husband had a sexual relationship with his mistress. His affair was discovered by his wife, who found out from looking at his Facebook page. Now he claims the affair is over.

But there’s only one problem: He’s still “friends” with her on Facebook.

Can this marriage be saved?

What should the wife do? (read more)

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“What am I supposed to do? I have a constant pain in my gut. I can’t even look at my husband without getting nauseous or crying. Do I continue to cook his meals? Sleep with him? He wants to play golf this weekend. I’m thinking I want to separate. I don’t want a divorce, but I am ambivalent about staying and opening my heart to him again. Is there hope?”

YES, there is hope! Surviving infidelity is a profound opportunity to transform the damaged dynamics that led to the affair and to build a stronger, more secure and lovingly conscious relationship together. (read more)

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It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your girlfriend is?

She may be out with another man. According to research from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, women are almost just as guilty as men when it comes to committing infidelity—in fact, they’re cheating more than ever (more)

Should Rihanna Take Chris Brown Back? Dr. Sheri lists the things Rihanna should consider before returning to Chris Brown.
Writing for Celebuzz, Dr. Sheri Meyers, Psy.D. examines the on-again, off-again relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown, and advises the pop superstar on what to do before getting back together with her ex.
It seems that Rihanna more »

After five years of dating, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel said bye-bye to single life and tied the knot in a top-secret, star-studded, intimate ceremony at a quaint seaside resort in the southern Italian city of Fasano.
But the big question on everyone’s mind is: Will it last? Do they have a fighting chance? For the more »