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Take the Relationship Test

Is your relationship vulnerable to

1. Do you long for more emotional and/or sexual attention from your partner at home?

2. Are the two of you spending less time together,
either due to children, work, or simply growing apart?

3. When you’re with your partner, do you feel bored,
detached, or just plain lonely? Do they?

4. Is it hard to talk and connect with your partner about emotions
and other things that are important to you? Is it hard for them
to connect with you?

5. Do you feel ‘bottled up’ on the inside – lonely, conflicted, bitter,
or angry?

6. Is there a big question mark in your mind and heart about your
current relationship?

7. Do you enjoy your friends’ partners, and frequently ask yourself,
“Why can’t my partner be more like so-and-so?”

8. Has there been an increase in fighting in your relationship?
Does everything you say to each other seem to push a button?

9. Do you blame your partner for that ever-widening distance
between the two of you?

10. Do you feel like the negatives outweigh the positives right now
in your relationship, giving you a ‘glass half empty’ rather than a
‘glass half full’ attitude?

11. Are you or your partner suddenly wanting to seek stimulation
elsewhere, to shake things up, get the excitement pumping, and
feel more alive?

12. Are you or your partner hanging around someone who is
sexually interested or interesting?

13. Do you or your partner spend hours on the Internet,
networking in chat rooms, socializing on Facebook, tweeting,
texting, or emailing friends?


The Result:

If you answered YES to 1 or 2 questions, your relationship
may not be particularly vulnerable to having an aff air – but
you can certainly stand to do some work on your relationship.
All relationships require nurturing, but by answering YES
to 1 or more questions above, you’ve confessed to yourself
some dissatisfaction that ought to be addressed. Want
a relationship that’s vibrant and fulfilling?  WORK AT IT.

If you answered YES to at least 3 questions WARNING
Your relationship is vulnerable to having EMOTIONAL
SEX. Awareness is the first step to preventing INFIDELITY.
‘Chatting or Cheating’ will help you stop a problem before it develops
or learn how to repair possible damage done.

If you answered YES to more than 5 questions RED ALERT
You’re living in the danger zone. You need to take an honest,
fresh look at your relationship and begin the process
of repair. If you haven’t been engaging often or honestly
with your partner, now is the time to swing into action.
Don’t worry – I will hold your hand. ‘Chatting or Cheating’ has tips
and guidelines to get you through the process of detecting,
confronting, repairing and healing. You can mend your
primary relationship with the right tools and motivation.


Reading ‘Chatting or Cheating”
will help you save your relationship.