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Dr. Sheri  Meyers


Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Issues
(All issues of Dating, Mating & Relating)
Divorce Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Blended Families, Parenting & Step Parenting
Weight Management Success Strategies
Life Transitions, Loss & Changes
Self-Esteem Building and Assertiveness Training
Stress Reduction, Meditation & Relaxation

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist —California
Licensed Hypnotherapist — Board of Behavioral Science Examiners
Certified Mediator — Beverly Hills Bar Association
Clinically Certified ForensicCounselor-AmericanCollege of Certified Forensic Counselors
Diplomate of Clinical Forensic Counseling with Specialty inMediation-AmericanCollegeof Certified Forensic Counselors

Television Credits

Member of SAG/AFTRA 

Straight from the Heart

Weekly cable talk show produced, written and hosted by Dr. Sheri Meyers Gantman
Interviews with leading authors and guest experts in the fields of psychology, spirituality, intimacy, sexuality, health and creativity.

“Be Positive, Think Positive, and Add Years to Your Life”
“Tiger Woods’ Affairs: Why Men Cheat”
”The Mr./Ms Wrong Love Quiz”
“Saying ‘I DO’ is only the Beginning:  7 Secrets for a Lasting Marriage”
“How to Meet Potential Mates”
“The Swinging Lifestyle”
”Healing a Marriage after Infidelity”
“Older Women, Younger Men”
”Relationship Dynamics that Predict Divorce”
Child Predators: When a Child Sexually Assaults Another Child”
“What Drives a Father to Kill His Children?”
”Internet Addiction”      


“The Chemistry of Love”
” Aphrodisiacs: The Different Turn On’s for Men and Women”
“Depression at Midlife”
“Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Divorce After 72 Days of Marriage”
” Stress Reduction for Mothers-Taking Time to Unplug”
“Reality Show Suicide-The Dark Side of Reality TV”
“After the Betrayal, Sandra Bullock is Moving On”
“Is Tiger Woods Out of the Woods Yet With Elin?”
“Tiger & Elin Woods: Celebrity Wives Coping With Their Husband’s Affairs”
“Separation & Divorce During Cancer”
“The Valentine’s Effect”
”A Violent Criminal at 14: Is there hope?”
“Teens and Oral Sex”
“Relieving Yourself of Holiday Stress”
 ”Depression & the Impeachment Hearings”
”What the War Protests Really Mean?”
“How to be Never too Tired for Sex”
“Financial Infidelity: Till Debt Does Us Part”

Women to Women

 “Talking to Kids About Sex”
“Clearing Your Clutter of Your Life”
“How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep”
“New Love Know How”

Headline News (HLN)

“The Signs That Tiger & Elin may be Getting a Divorce”
“Tiger & Elin Woods Reuniting”
“Jenny Sanford Tell-All Memoir About Mark Sanford’s Unfaithfulness”
“Mandatory Pre-marital & Pre-Divorce Counseling”

Extra TV

 “Lying and Body Language”
“Hilary Clinton’s Body Language”
“Child Abuse”
“Trends in Teenage Sexuality”
“Dressing for Divorce”
  “Star Wars Child Stars: Fame and Bad Reviews”
“Real Life Notting Hill Romances”
“Older Men, Younger Women”
“Elian Gonzalez, Should He Go Home?”
“Reality TV”
“The Man Who Married and Left Six Women”
“Older Women with Younger Men”
“Improving Your Sex Life”
“Chris Brown’s Assault on Rihanna”


“Why Men Cheat”
“Celebrity Shoplifting: Why do they do it?”
”Are Models and Actresses Becoming Too Thin?”


“So, Why Do Powerful Men Really Cheat?”
“Chatting or Cheating? How to Tell”
“Stress and the Workplace”
“Project Cuddle”
“New Years Without Plans: What to Do”
”The Wear and Tear of Long Commutes”
”Letting go and Moving on”
“Alibi.com-Infidelity Cover Up”
“Helping the Grieving Families of Swiss Air Crash”
“Should Silda Spitzer Stand by her Cheating Husband?”


“Chelsea Clinton’s Break-Up”
“Teenagers & Plastic Surgery”


“Anthony Weiner: Why is his Wife Huma Standing by her Man?”
“From Chatting to Cheating: What Makes Us Do It?”
“Making Your Relationship Last”
“Impact of Divorce on Kids”
“A Woman’s Sexual Desire, Hormones and Libido”
”Cocooning for the Holidays”
“How to Handle Your Children’s Fears”
“Impact of Divorce on Kids”
“How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions”
“Hilary Clinton, Standing by her Man”
“Healing from Adultery”
“Kids and Violence”
“Grieving John F. Kennedy Jr.”
“Physical Child Abuse vs. Discipline”

katie show logo
Katie Couric Show
“Why Couples Need a Social Media PreNup”


Life & Times

“Why We Make New Year’s Predictions and Goals”
“Plastic Surgery in our Culture”

KTLA Morning News: “Text to Sex: Emotional Cheating”
KTLA Morning News:“Making Up After Breaking Up”
KTLA Morning News: “4 Tips for Adding More Zing to your Relationship”
Sex Strut: A Woman’s Walk & Her Orgasm”
“Can there be such a thing as ‘Avatar’ Depression Syndrome?”
“The Balloon Boy Ordeal: Why People Go to Great Lengths for Attention and Fame”
” Jaycee Dugard: How Traumatic Bonding & The Stockholm Syndrome Happens”
“Is President Obama Losing His Support?”
“Teenage Cell Phone SEXtexting”
“Is Jealousy Ever Good?”
“Coping with Grief: The Loss of Pope John Paul II”
Britney Spears: What her latest crazy behaviors may be leading to.”
“Living Together, Marriage and Divorce”

New Attitudes

“First Loves”
“Overcoming Internet Addiction”
“Psychological Guidelines for Seeking ’Spiritual’ Counseling”


“Why Every Relationship Needs a Social Media Prenup”
“The Line Between Social Media Chatter & Infidelity”
“Women Who Love Dangerous Men”
“Mid Life Crisis”
“Infidelity, Inc.”
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
“Putting the Heart Back into Valentine’s Day”
“Face Values: What a Man’s Face Says About His Relationship Potential”

“Chatting or Cheating? How to Detect Infidelity and Affair-Proof Your Relationship”
“Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s Divorce Insights”
“Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Discovery of his Secret Child”
“Parental Involvement and Children’s Achievement. Are Kids Better Off if Parents Stay Married?’

ricki TV show logo

Ricki Lake Show
Chatting or Cheating:   When Does it Start?

Steve Harvey Show
A wife who discovered her husband’s infidelity on Facebook asks: can her marriage be saved?

Today show logoToday Show
“Not ‘selfish’: Women Open Up About Choosing to be Child-Free”

The Couch_Sheri Meyers

 CBS- Live on The Couch
Chatting or Cheating?  Take the Test


The Insider
Keira Knightley Posed Topless to Protest Photoshopping

The Other Half

”From Snarling to Darling: Getting Your Man Out of a Bad Mood”
“Single Motherhood by Choice”
”Dating Men Like Your Dad”


 “The Most Shocking Hollywood Breakups”
“The Tiger Woods Public Apology Debate”
”Celebrity Romances and Break Ups”
“Michael Jackson’s Funeral”


“Girlfriends: When is it Time to Break Up”
“Sex in the Workplace”
“The Effect TV Has on Kids”
“The Art of Kissing”
“Parent Traps: Spying on Your Kids”
“How Honest Are Couples, Really?”
“Why it’s Hard to Believe That Elvis is Dead”
”Why Songs Stick in our Head”

Radio Appearances

“General Petraeus, Mistresses, Dopamine and Infidelity”

Doctor’s Radio Channel 81
“Cheating, Affairs & Infidelity”

“We’re More Stressed, Now Than Ever. What Can We Do About It?”
“Are the Politicians in Washington Acting Like a Dysfunctional Family?”s
“Setting and Actualizing Your New Year Resolutions 2012”
“Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alpha Men, and Adultery”
“Is President Obama Younger Than You?
How to deal with Aging Gracefully.”


Chatting or Cheating? How to Tell the Difference.
How to Talk to Your Kids About Violence and Tragic Events
Why Would A Powerful Man like Petraeus Risk it All and Cheat on His Wife?
Is Sexting and Texting Good or Bad for a Relationship?
“A Mother Obsessed with Plastic Surgery Gives her  7-Year-Old Daughter Liposuction Voucher”
” The Changing National Sexuality Education Standards ”
“Rumors that Arnold and Maria may be Reuniting. How the holidays influence make ups and breakups”
“Sexual Fantasies: Is it Good When Taboo Thoughts Make Their Way into Your Most Intimate Real-Life Moments?”
Mob Mentality: How GroupThink Impacts Black Friday.
“The Slut Number-How Many Partners are Too Many?
“Transgender Children-Can a 7 year old Really Understand Gender Identity?”
“Tween Anorexia”
“How Divorce Plagues Kids’ Social & Academic Lives for Years”
“Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Impact of the Secret Child Discovery can have on his Kids”
“Maria Shriver & Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Separation”
“A 10 year old California Boy Kills His Neo-Nazi Father ”
“How to Talk to Your Kids About Bin Ladin’s Death”
“Happy States Have Higher Suicide Rates”
“Hot to Trot Ponies? Dolls that Was? What these revved up sexy dolls teach our girls”
“Is 5 year old Suri Cruise Too Old for a Pacifier?”
“Postpartum Depression”
‘Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)-Dealing with the Winter Blues.”
“Does PreMarital Cohabitation Affect Long Term Relationship Potential?”
“The Link Between Violent Video Games, Aggression and Violent Thoughts”
“Elin & Tiger Woods Reuniting for the Children. Is that a good idea?”
“Avatar Depression Syndrome. Is it for Real?”
“Jaycee Dugard: How a Family Heals and Recovers after a Severe Trauma”
“Bristol Palin: Teen Pregnancy”
“John & Elizabeth Edwards: Coping with Affairs”
“How the Texas Authorities are Handling the Children from the Polygamist Sect and What They Should be Doing Instead”
“Survivor Guilt: When Your House Survives the Fire”
“Lindsey Lohan, In Trouble Again”
“Virginia Tech: How to Talk to your Kids about Acts of Violence and Aggression”
“Alex Baldwin: Father/Daughter Verbal Abuse”
“The Sexual and Emotional Pros and Cons of Abstinence”
“Fertility, Cloning and Adoptions”
“The Affect of Daylight Savings Time on our Health and Wellbeing”
“The Signs and Symptoms of an Emotional Breakdown”

 Older Men, Younger Women

Talk Radio 910
With Gil  Gross
“Anthony Weiner Gets Caught Again! Is He Addicted or What?”
“It’s True- Men Cant ‘Read Women’s  Emotions”
“General Petraeus:   Why Powerful Men  Cheat”

WTOP radio

With Randi Martin Is Facebook and Social Media Habits Ruining Our Relationships?

Following Thru with Your New Years Resolutions
A New You in the New Year

Afternoon Advice Show: “Polyamory”
Playboy Morning Show: “Cheating and Healing”
On air counseling with co-host of show