What Happy Couples Know and Do

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DrSheri.com_Love FlorishesHAPPY COUPLES OFTEN HAVE A SECRET CODE for expressing their affection and saying “I love you.” “I value you.” “YOU are important to me.”

It can a gentle touch when walking by, a wink and a certain smile,  a pet name you’ve created for  each other,  holding hands and squeezing three times,  a  random “thinking of you” love text sent during the day or a certain loving ritual you do together or for each other.  
Having a special love code that’s just between the two of YOU allows you to have private moments together even while in a crowded room, a busy workplace, caught up spinning numerous plates, or starting each day with a sense of union and love.
For example, my beloved, Jonathon wakes up earlier than I do.  Each morning when I come downstairs, he  has the hot water boiling and my favorite tea ready and waiting for me.  Sometimes, but NOT ALWAYS, there’s a love note hiding inside my cup.  This little ritual touches my heart and starts each morning with a reminder of our conneciton and HIS loving care.
Whatever your code is, these sweet gestures are intimate and bonding and help to keep the consciousness of love flowing and present.   

DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL LOVE CODE with your sweetheart?   What is it?  Please share below. 
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With love,
 Dr. Sheri



This article was written by Dr. Sheri Meyers Psy.D., America’s leading love and intimacy expert.

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5 Responses to What Happy Couples Know and Do

  1. hopemywifesees! says:

    My wife and I have a lot of little loves codes, though some of them are stranger than others. As funny as it sounds, it means the world to my wife when I put toothpaste on her toothbrush before going to bed. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it is kind of weird, but let me try and explain. I work four or five days a week in a very stressful position in a major metropolitan hospital. They are twelve hour shifts and truth be told sometimes I feel like they nearly kill me. I wake up at 4:30 every morning, work my self silly, and don’t get home until around 8:00 that night. The only thing I want to do what I get home is get a quick bite to eat and hit the sack before having to do it all over again the next day.

    My wonderful realizes this, which is why I think she loves it when I take the extra seven seconds before passing out to put toothpaste on her toothbrush so she won’t have to when she comes to bed a few hours later. It’s simple, but it’s my simple way of saying, “Even though I’m totally exhausted, I’m still thinking of little things I can do to make your life easier because I love you.”

    Thank you Dr. Sheri for sharing you little love code and for letting me share mine!

    • Dr. Sheri says:

      Dearest Hope,
      Thanks for sharing your LOVE CODE! You’re right, that no matter how exhausted we are, it doesn’t take much to give each other the 3 A’s (attention, appreciation, and affection) that keep a relationship thriving and strong. Our LOVE CODES do that for us, in a quick and intimate way. Blessings to you and your beloved.

  2. Gloria Edwards says:

    I am coming up on my 40th wedding anniversary with my husband and I’ve got to say if I’ve learned anything in all those years, it’s that this is spot on. It’s all about the little things. The coat rack we have at our house is a little too tall for me, though many things are nowadays. My husband always makes sure to grab my coat for me before we leave and place it back after we’ve returned because I can’t reach it. He’s been doing it for years and every time with a smile. I believe you’ve got it right Dr. Sheri.

  3. SWEXPERTS says:

    It’s so important to have a love code, especially when you’ve been with someone for quite a long time. It’s the little things that can put such a big smile on someones face.

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