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Sheri Meyers, Psy.D.

Dr. Sheri Meyers, author of “Chatting or Cheating” is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA.  She is among the national media’s most frequently quoted and interviewed relationship, infidelity and life transition experts.  As a regular contributor on broadcast network news (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX), cable TV  (Lifetime, CNN Headline News, E! Entertainment), TV talk shows (Steve Harvey, Today Show, Katie Couric, Ricki Lake), Dr. Sheri’s compassionate, practical, straight talk and easy-to-apply methods have inspired and helped thousands of men and women face and overcome their most complex and daunting life, relationship, and sexual challenges.

For eleven seasons, Dr. Sheri’s unique on-air style and approach to love, life and healing has been showcased as host and producer of the weekly interview/advice TV talk show, “Straight from the Heart” —  a show dedicated to helping viewers seize the life, love and wellbeing they’ve always wanted.

In her private practice, online videos, and in front of national television audiences,  Dr. Sheri is known for her knack of transforming the FEAR of change into the FUN of change. Informative and entertaining, she gets to the heart of the matter, giving hope, understanding and effective strategies for navigating through the changing world of love, technology and relationships in the 21st century.

In her new book, Chatting or Cheating: How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love, and Affair-Proof Your Relationship, Dr. Sheri shares her exclusive and unique insights that come from 25 years of helping couples navigate though the murky and often dangerous waters of cyber, physical and emotional INFIDELITY to a place of healing, rebuilding trust, and safely loving again.



Dr. Sheri appears regularly on the following networks and shows:






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